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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dream a little...

On our way to Costco last night, I was telling my daughter that I was proud of her for doing so well in Kindergarten and we were talking about how learning to read opens up whole new worlds with your imagination.  (She wanted to know how I knew that the big orange moon is called the harvest moon and I told her that I read it in a book.)   Then she says "Look, Mama, it's the wishing star.  I'm working really hard to make my wish come true."  I asked her what her wish is.  "I wished for my very own dragon who doesn't breathe fire, is really nice and I can go on rides on it." 

Wow.  How do I respond to that one?  I complimented her on her imagination and then asked if there were any other dreams or wishes that she had.  She said she was thinking of some and then blew me away with her next comment.  "Mama, I'm working really hard to make my dreams come true just like you did." Huh?  I asked what dream that was.  "You dreamed to be a photographer and worked really hard and now you are."  I had no idea that the things I've said and the comments I've made about working hard and photography being my dream had make that much of an impression.  But, I'm SO glad that it did.

I am ridiculously proud that the ethic of working hard to make your dreams come true made its way into her young mind.  And the fact that she sees me as having attained my dream as the result of my hard work brought tears to my eyes.  I see myself as constantly trying to grow and learn, but her uncluttered mind sees the simplicity of the truth. 

I AM living my dream.  It may be a dream in progress, but the reality is that I have reached my original goal.  I AM a professional photographer.  I AM making a difference in people's lives and providing something to my clients that will last forever.  I need to remember that.  I need to post it somewhere so that I see it on the days that get overwhelming.  And, I need to remember to NEVER STOP DREAMING!  Whether its dreaming about magical dragons and fairy wings or for more tangible things, the point is to let yourself dream a little (or a big) dream and then DO something to make it come true. 

Here's hoping that you find your dream and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an essential part of making my dream come true!


1 comment:

April said...

That is one of the biggest reasons spurring me to pursue my dream. I want my boys to see that that even if I fail that the important part is that you do your very best and don't give up on your dream.