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Monday, August 19, 2013


She sits alone in the dim light, hands moving quickly and surely at her chosen craft. 

For some it is the click of knitting needles or crochet hooks.  For others, the furious tapping of mouse and keys as art is created from an image on her screen.  And, for yet others, the whir of a sewing machine breaks the silence. 

Soft music plays to keep her company, but turned down low so that her children and husband are not disturbed in their slumbers. 

Why is she not in bed, too?  Why does she toil late into the night and sometimes into the early morning hours? 

Because of you. 

It’s a labor of love and pride.  Love for her art.  Love for her clients.  And pride in her work, her service and her skills.

Eventually, she falls into her bed for a few hours of rest.  The children wake early and will need her. 

The next morning, she shares on her blog or her Facebook business page about the results of her work.  It’s an extension of her.  Something made with her own hands and her own artistic vision.  It is deeply personal and comes with a deep sense of satisfaction that only comes from creating something herself.

The first “like” pops up, then another and another.  Next, her page gets noticed.  New fans arrive.  Her post is shared or pinned.

Her heart skips a happy beat and a smile lights up her tired eyes.  Even though she knows that they may not ever order from her, somehow it is worth it.  Her hard work, dedication and sleepless nights are acknowledged.  She can and will do it all again and again…and again.  Why?  She is a small business owner.  That is what we do.  For the love of our chosen passion.  For the love of our families.  For the love of our clients.

For love.

Thank you for supporting our small businesses.  We are grateful!


Erin said...

Beautifully written, tugs at my heart strings. I am very proud to admit that I try as often as possible to purchase from small business owners. I understand that I am doing so much more than spending a $1 (or more) when I do it through small business compared to when I do it through large corporations.

Michelle Tyre said...

Oh I can soooo relate. Great post.

Angela Collin said...

i would love to win any of these beautiful items